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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Completed Federal Work (Sewing) Table (ca. 1800)

Below are a few photo of the federal work table I have been working on. There is one exception. The customer and I decided at the last minute to order new pulls since one was missing. They will arrive next week and I may get some photos of the stand with the new pulls. The restoration of this finish really brought out the contrast between the Mahogany and the Bird's Eye Maple. It also showed the grain of the Mahogany very well, and of course now the drawers are working perfectly! If you would like to look at the work that went into this piece follow this link:


Here are the photos:

This photo is a close up of the drawer fronts. The new pulls will also have back plates that will cover up the rings left by the old pulls on the wood. One of the rings can be seen on the lower left hand side where the pull is missing.

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