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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Quarter Sawn Oak Draw Leaf DiningTable (ca.1920)

A piece I recently completed for a customer was an English table made from quarter sawn Oak. The style of table is called a draw leaf table as it has leaves which are stored beneath the table surface. When the leaves are used, they are pulled out and sit level with the table surface. This table was probably manufactured around 1920 and has quarter sawn Oak veneer on the top and leaves. the legs are solid oak and are turned and carved into what is called a barley twist. below are two photos of the table as it came to me. the first shows the leaves in and the second shows the leaves pulled out.
While no information was available on the manufacturer of this table, I did find the exact table online with a reference to it being sold by a furniture store originally. I believe these tables were made to be sold wholesale to furniture stores, who would then put their names on the table. To support this idea, I did find the label below on the inside of the apron. the label indicates that the table was made sold in Bradford, England, Just West of Leeds.
The top of the table needed to be refinished and the joinery for the base was very loose. Below are some photos of the work that I did on this table.

Below is a photo of the base of the table dismantled. I cleaned all of the old glue from the joinery. The following photo shows the base being glued.
Here is a photo of the table top and leaves with the finish removed.
This photo shows the top and leaves after sanding. The tape is to block off areas where the grain runs perpendicular to the main sections. After staining, the tape was removed and those areas were stained separately.
Here is a photo of the top of the table and the leaves after they were stained. I finished this top with a varnish and applied french polish to the base.
These last two photos show the completed table. the top is refinished while the base retained it's original finish. I also lined the underside of the top with felt so that the leaves do not scratch when they are pulled out.

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