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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Two Caned Sack Back Windsor Chairs (20th Century)

I recently completed the restoration of two sack back Windsor armchairs. The chairs were made of Birch and were probably made sometime in the 20th century, or perhaps late in the 19th. One of the chairs had a hole in the cane seat and they were both loose and the finish needed some help. The customer and I decided to cane both chairs so they would match, but also so I could repair the loose and broken joinery. Below are a few photo of the work. Many thanks to Chris Frear for the beautiful job on the caning. She always does a great job!!

This first photo shows the chairs as they came to me. The next photo shows the chairs with the cane removed.

This photo shows one of the chairs disassembled.
Here I am gluing the joinery on one of the seat frames.
These next three photos show both chairs being glued.

This photo shows the restored chairs ready to go to the caner.
These last three photos show the completed work. The cane will darken over time as the cane oxidizes.

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