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Saturday, April 5, 2014

National Woodworking Month Woodworker Spotlight: Binh Pho

About five years ago my cousin Tom Ronayne visited us from his home in Dublin, Ireland. Tom, an accomplished wood turner and shop teacher in Dublin, had flown over to see his family living in America and also to attend the American Association of Woodturners convention which was being held that year in Richmond, Virginia. While I considered going myself, I was bound by other commitments, which happened to also be in Richmond. It was agreed that my wife Karen and I would pick Tom up on our way back home and drive together after the conference. 

On the trip home, Tom spoke to me of this turner that had really impressed him. This turner was Binh Pho. Mr. Pho's specializes in thin walled vessels which he then decorates with airbrushing, carving, pyrography, and pierced sections. The result is wood transformed! His pieces are truly breathtaking to behold and if you are interested in his work, please follow the link to his website to view his work and read his biography. A talent like this is worth a month of appreciation on its own! below are a few examples of his work.

Mr. Pho's website: http://www.wondersofwood.net/


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