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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Great Bow lathe Video

A friend sent me a video today I thought I would share. It is of a Moroccan wood turner using a very old style of lathe called a bow lathe. Essentially, The lathe is powered by a bow that has a string wrapped around the blank to be turned. One arm serves as the power source while the other holds the turning tool. The foot is used to control the cuts. This is all done in a seated position on the ground. This is a much different approach to turning than most of us are accustomed to and one that has always fascinated me. Watch how quickly and efficiently he turns this captive ring piece of jewelry in the video:

The video was originally uploaded here:


Here are a few other photos and drawings of the bow lathe in action.

This is truly fascinating to watch and I felt like I had to share this!

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