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Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Visit to the Stickley Music Cabinet

I recently went to see the customers I built a reproduction of a Stickley music cabinet for. I always love to see how a piece looks after a bit of time away from the shop. I was pleased to see the cabinet prominently displayed in the foyer and full of sheet music. I took couple of photos that I included below. Here is a link to the original post I wrote on the construction of the piece:


I'm also including a link to another blog by Robert Lang about my original post. Bob's original article on the construction of the cabinet for Popular Woodworking was a great help to me when it came time to build this cabinet. It was a great complement to read his review of my work. If you have the interest and time, Bob's website is a treasure trove of information about Arts and Crafts furniture and its construction.



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