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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Gluing the Walnut Eastlake Chair

I received a Walnut chair designed in the Eastlake Style. for a brief description of the Eastlake Movement in the United States here is a link to wikipedia's entry:

For info on the Charles Eastlake, the inspiration of this movement:

The chair I received had gotten some water damage to the finish and the fabric. Whenever a chair comes in for reupholstering I take the opportunity to check the joinery and glue the chair if necessary. In this case, the last upholsterer had glued the joinery with a hot glue gun which does not hold up for long. As a result, every joint in the chair had come unglued. This post covers the removal of the upholstery and the gluing of the chair. As I move on to the finishing process and the recovering of the chair I will post separate entries.

The Chair as it came to me.

The chair with the upholstery removed.
The chair completly dissassembled with all upholstery staples removed!

After all of the joints have been cleaned of the old glue the chair is glued.

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