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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Felt Replacement

On the Secretary desk that I have been working on, the felt had been damaged badly over time and needed to be replaced. The first step was to remove the old felt and clean the surface area to prepare it for the new felt. I included photos of the cleaning process on an earlier post. Below are some photos of the process of installing the new felt on the writing surface. Typically, this is done with the aid of an assistant, but without extra help I used clamps to be my extra set of hands.

The photo below shows the writing surface cleaned and ready for the new felt to be attached.

This photo shows the writing surface with the finished areas masked off to prevent glue from getting on it.

This photo shows the felt being attached to the writing surface. The felt is clamped down at the far end and stretched with clamps at the nearer end to allow me to work the felt into place without creasing it.

Here you can see the felt fully attachged to the writing surface and the clamps removed.

This final photo shows the felt after the excess was trimmed and the masking was removed.


  1. What kind of felt did you use? I have an old secretary (ca. 1850) which my cat decided the felt made a good scratching area. I was looking for a good felt replacement but have found none that feel right.


  2. The Felt I used comes from a local fabric store. If you can find nice english felt (perhaps on Ebay) that would be good to use.