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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Renaissance Revival Secretary Desk (Part 2)

After removing the finish from the secretary desk I have been working on (see previous post) it was time to make the repairs on the piece. Structurally, the piece was in pretty good condition and only had a few repairs that were more then cosmetic. Below I have posted some photos with descriptions of the repairs made:

This is a photo of the shelf support system in the book case. In the photo there is a missing support. A new support was fashioned out of walnut. Gluing the new support in place. The new support glued in place and ready for staining. A section was missing from the corner of the book case section.
A patch was fashioned to replace the missing section and the space was carved to fit the patch.Gluing the patch in place.The completed patch sanded and ready for staining.

This photo shows wedges put in place to tighten the joinery on the book case. After the glue dried the wedges were carved flush with the surface of the case.This photo shows a sanded shelf (left) next to a shelf that has not been sanded. If you look closely on the unsanded shelf you can see lines going diagonally across the grain. this is where someone sanded across the grain with a heavy abrasive. To correct this I needed to sand the scratches out also removing the stain from the shelves. The stain will be replaced before finishing.This photo is of an escutcheon next to a keyhole. On this drawer the lock was missing as was the original escutcheon. The drawer was damaged at some point and patched and a new keyhole was carved.This is a photo of the new escutcheon in place. The old patch is clearly seen in this photo.This photo shows the new lock and escutcheon installed with the key fit to the lock.

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