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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Two Chairs

I received two very different chairs from a customer. The first is a mahogany arm chair with a cane back and a upholstered seat. The upholstery and the caning both needed to be replaced. The finish on the chair was beyond restoration so it too will be replaced. Below are some photos of the progress so far:

The chair as it came to me.

The chair with the caning and upholstery removed. The top section of the back had been poorly repaired in the past and the joinery had loosened again. this is a picture of re-attaching the back.

Here is a photo of the chair with it's finish removed. The joinery around the seat frame had loosened over time and as a result the internal glue blocks had all loosened as well. After labeling which block went where (written on the blue tape), I removed all of the glue blocks, tapped apart the seat frame, removed all old glue and dirt, and glued the seat frame back together. Here is a photo of the seat frame being glued. The second chair in a birch Victorian side chair ca. 1880. This chair had its caning removed at some point. The seat frame had a pressed leather seat nailed to it in the place of the caning. After removing the leather seat and the old spline from the caning, I removed the layers of paint that were on the chair. The outer layer was black and the inner layer was brown. beneath the brown layer of paint were drips of white paint which indicated to me that this chair probably had it's finish removed at some point. Later someone accidentally dripped some white paint on it (probably while painting a wall) and then painted it brown and later black. after removing all of the paint I will stain the chair lightly and give it a french polish. Here is a photo of the chair with all of the paint removed

The Chair was then disassembled and the joints were cleaned for gluing.The chair being glued.

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