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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Art Nouveau Mahogany Rocking Chair (ca.1930-50)

I recently received a Mahogany rocker that has an Art Nouveau style overall. This being said, I don't feel that this rocker dates to the turn of the century. The construction and condition of the chair lead me to believe it was made sometime between 1930-1950.

Whatever the date, this is a nice rocker! it has a wide carved seat and looks to be very comfortable. the crest of the rocker has carved White Oak leaves in it and all of the turnings are very nice.
The main repair of this chair was that the rocker had come off. In addition, there was some loose joinery underneath the seat. below are some photos of the rocker being glued on and the finish after it had been cleaned.
The rocker being glued on.The crest rail with the Oak leaf carving.Here is a close up of the carving.Another photo of the rocker with the restored finish.

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