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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

G Stomps & Co. Chairs (1870-1890)

I received two walnut chairs from a customer that needed the seats caned and the arms tightened. I would call these chairs Renaisance Revival due to the date of manufacture and the overall style. After having the seats caned I was gluing the arms when I came across a stamp on the underside of one of the chairs. between the two chairs I could make out that the stamp read " R.P. Burkhardt's Patent Manufactured by G. Stomps & Co. Dayton, Ohio". After doing some research I found out that this company was a partnership between Gustave Stomps (1827-1890) and R.P. Burkhardt and operated under several different names for the last half of the 19th century in Dayton, Ohio. The company operated as "G Stomps & Co." from December 1869 until 1890 when they changed the name to " Stomps-Burkhardt Company. For a Detailed look at the life of Gustave Stomps and some Biographical information on R.P. Burkhardt as well follow the two links below.The info on Stomps is about two thirds of the way down the page. The info on Burkhardt is under the heading of Frank Burkhardt. Here are the links:

One of the chairs with it's arm removed.Gluing the arm back on.Gluing both arms and some loose joinery on the other chair. You can see the new cane in all of these photos.

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