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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Walnut and Maple Cutting board

About two weeks ago I was asked to make a cutting board for St. John Regional Catholic School in Frederick, Maryland for a fund raising event they are hosting. The cutting board is made from Walnut and Tiger Stripe Maple and measures about 9" by 16". It is to made to be used on one side and has rubber feet attached to the bottom. Here are some pictures of the process.
Here is a photo of the individual pieces laid out for gluing. This photo shows the cutting board being glued up.After the glue dried the cutting board was planed flat. The next step was to cut off the excess material from the edges and sand the top. I also beveled the edges on all four sides to remove any sharp edges.
here are two photos of the cutting board after mineral oil has been applied. Mineral oil is a food safe finish and unlike vegetable oil or olive oil, does not become rancid.

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