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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Building a Locust and Walnut Entry Table (2010) Part 3

This week I completed the Locust and Walnut table I have been building. Below I have included several photos of the table in the shop and outside. I also thought it would be fun to match some photos I took of the table with some shots from Google's Sketchup program. This was the first time I designed a piece of furniture using this program and I was very satisfied with the results!

The first three photos are of the table in the shop with after the final coat of French Polish was applied.

I went ahead and created a label for the table which I signed and dated for posterity!
This first shot taken outside is at a weird angle, but I thought it showed off the grain of the locust well.
Here is a shot of the completed table after it has had paste wax applied.
These last four pictures are taken from approximately the same angle first in Sketchup and then in reality.

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