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Monday, November 15, 2010

Walnut Veneer DressingTable (Ca. 1918)

I have recently been working on a dressing table made from Poplar with Walnut veneer on all of the primary surfaces. The table has three drawers and a mirror stand which attaches with two side mirrors that are adjustable. When removing the mirror glass from the frames, I came across a manufacture date for the glass which is dated " June 1918". While this is a manufacture date for the glass only, I am sure the piece was made somewhere in that time period. Other than that, there were no maker's markings or labels.

The piece was in pretty good condition structurally. There was some veneer loss here and there and other minor repairs which are detailed below. The main problem with this piece was it's 92 year old finish! I decided to remove the finish to expose the natural color and beauty of the Walnut veneer and stain the Poplar parts to match. Below is a photo of the dressing table as it came to me. I had already removed the wooden knobs when the photo was taken.The following photo shows the mirror which mounts on the table surface.

Here is a photo of the date found on the back side of the mirror glass.
This photo shows the dressing table and mirror with the finish removed.
One of the drawers was missing an escutcheon, so I replaced it with one that closely matches the others.
Another drawer had become unglued so I opened up the dovetails, cleaned them and glued it back together.
In this photo, the top has a coat of finish on it to help me match the color on the rest of the piece.

These last two photos show the table and the mirrors after they had been stained and with several coats of finish. I will post completed photos in a future post.

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