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Thursday, March 5, 2009

first entry

This is my first blog entry. I hope to use this site to upload my recent work and any thoughts I have on antiques and their restoration. I hope that any readers of this blog will comment on anything that they see.
For my first entry I would like to spotlight a jewelry box that I made for my wife for Christmas. It is constructed of tiger stripe maple and black walnut. The joinery is splines of maple in the walnut. the top is made from one board book matched and the sides are made from one board book matched. The box also has a tray made of maple with walnut splines.The Photos are of gluing up the top and bottom, gluing the sides on using packaging tape, and three photos of the finished product. This was a fun project and I used some of my best wood for it!!! When I look at the top I am reminded of ripples in the wood. I have added some photos so you can see what I mean! Thanks for reading and I will write again soon.


  1. Hey, nice tranzameramerization!

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