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Friday, March 12, 2010

Cherry Dining Table with Seven Leaves (Ca. 1950) Part 2

Recently I have been working on a Cherry dining room table with seven leaves and two drop leaves. To view my first entry on this table follow this link:


One problem that the customer wanted addressed was that when the leaves were in place, the table had a tendency to open up. The answer to this was to install clips or table yokes. The table yoke is used to hold individual leaves together by connecting them. Below is a photo of the table yoke:The two receiving ends are screwed to the underside of the leaf and the yoke is inserted into both ends, connecting the leaf. below is a photo of a yoke installed and connecting two leaves. The seam between the leaves is seen running down the center. Here is a view of the yoke in place on the underside of the leaf. the yoke has a crescent shape to act as a handle for removing. This photo shows the table surface edge on. Here are two photos of the seven leaves waxed and ready for delivery.
This photo shows the completed table without the leaves. The second photo shows a different view with light coming in from the window.

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