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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Turning Appliques for a Walnut Plant Stand

Lately I have been working on a Victorian plant stand made of Walnut. To see other posts concerning the restoration of this piece you can follow the links below:

The last step in the repair process for this piece was to turn several ornamental appliques for the table that were either missing or badly damaged. Below are some photos of the turning of the new appliques.

Below is a picture of one of the broken appliques. the originals had a turned tenon which connected them to the piece. Each applique was about 1 inch in diameter.Here is a photo of the blank chucked in the lathe and ready for turning.The first step is to turn the basic shape as seen in the photo below.The shape is then refined and sanded and the last step is to turn the tenon seen behind the disc of the applique. After everything is finished then the tenon is separated from the rest of the blank using a band saw.Here are two of the appliques after being turned.The last step was to hand carve the four lines seen below into the discs.Here is a photo of one of the new appliques attached to the foot of the table. the one to the left facing the left of the picture is an original.

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