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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chicago table Works Oak Extension Table Part 2 (Ca 1890)

This is the second post concerning this table. I will post some photo of the table when it is finished as well. The table had many repairs to be made, including getting the runner system back in order. the photos below show some of these repairs and also the major sanding session that went on to eliminate the residue of the black stain. But first the repairs!

The table has pieces of Oak which serve as caps for the end grain of the apron where the two table sections come together. On of these caps had split and in the other case was partially missing. I decided to remove what was there and make new caps and put them in place. here is a photo of what was there when I got the table.
Here are the two new caps next to the old wood. The outer edge of the cap is rounded.
the next two photos show these caps in place on the end of the apron.

After all of the repairs were made I had to sand the entire table to remove residue from the black stain. This required me starting with a coarse grained sand paper (80 grit) and working through the grits to end up with a fine sand paper (320 grit). There are four different grit sandpapers that come between, so this took a little time! Below is a photo of the legs. The set in front have been sanded while the ones in back have not.
Another repair was that two of the leaves were missing their pins. the pins keep the leaf in place when in use. I drilled out what was left of the pins (seen in the first photo) and inserted new pins (seen in the following photo).

Here is the table with all of the repairs made and all of the surfaces sanded. The leaves have been re- numbered for the best fit.
Here is the table without the leaves. The new casters have also been added.
These last two photos show the table and leaves after a few coats of finish. I selectively stained certain sections of the table to even out the color. this was a very light staining and is not much different from the unstained color. As I mentioned before I will post some completed photos soon!

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