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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Walter's of Wabash Extension table (ca.1950)

I must begin this post by saying that it may be a bit mis-labeled. When looking for a name on this table the only thing I could find was a name "Walter's" stamped on the hardware. After a little searching on the internet I found a photo of the identical table under the heading of the "Walter's of Wabash Dining Table". Further research revealed that Walter's of Wabash was a manufacturer of table slides and hardware, but did not make the tables themselves. So some other company may have made the table and used the Walter's hardware.

Either way, the table is a round Oak extension table with one 12" leaf. the table came to me in peaces and had several issues. The first was that the top had been badly glued and in prior repair and the surface was uneven. The base had multiple issues including a leg that as separated from it. the finish from the leaf was completely removed and had rings in the wood.

Here is a photo of the table as it came to me:
This photo shows the leaf as it came to me.
Here is a photo of the top and leaf with the finish removed.
Where the top had been previously glued, there was an excessive amount of glue. The glue was scraped off of all of the surfaces before the new glue was applied. The photo below shows the edge of one of the boards that made up the top being scraped of its old glue.
This photo shows the top being glued up.
After the top was glue properly, the top and leaf were sanded and then stained to matchthe finish on the base. The finish on the base was restorable, so I matched the top to it. Here is a photo of the top and leaf during the finishing process.
I will post more photos of the table when it is completed.


  1. Are these table considered to b Butcher Block tables?

  2. We have a table like this we need to sell. Any recommendations?

  3. I was researching my table to establish value in order to sell when I came across your posting. It appears "Walter" did make furniture at one time. I own a table with a stamp underneath in smeared red ink that says "Mades by Walter of Wabash Jamestown Tenn." Its followed by several stars. By the incorrect spelling and the smearing of the ink when it was stamped he may have been undereducated and working out of his home for a time. It appears to be solid oak has two drop leaves and two 12inch extension leaves. It has four legs instead of pedestel base like othes Ive seen pictured. Id love to know more about the company if you have discovered more since last posting. Thanks Kalan48@yahoo.com

    1. mine says slides by Walter not mades

  4. I have a Walter of Wabash table.I have had it for 22yrs.My mother n law bought it from a deceased Jewish woman's estate in 1984.It is very ornate looks like a table you would put n a foyer.Only the top flips over.And it turns into what looks like a big diningroom table.Where it says Walter of Wabash is on the hinges.Looks graved into metal.Can you tell me anything? Thank You

  5. We have a similar table, and it was manufactured by Cochrane

  6. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Walter-of-Wabash-7-Piece-Dining-Set-Southern-Colonial-Solid-Wild-Cherry-/251335264924?pt=Dining_Sets&hash=item3a84bfca9c

  7. My family has a Walter Wabash table in excellent condition. We also has six chairs that go with it made by Sprague Carleton. We live in Burbank ca. What would be the selling price of his set. All made of Rock Maple.
    Thank you for your time
    Kathleen McCall

  8. My parents have a Walter of Wabash dining room table 106 X 42. It was purchased in the early 1990's. What would a table like that be worth? I can send you a picture.

  9. I bought a Walter of Wabash table from a retailer of AMISH furniture in Bowling Green Ohio in Woodlands Mall in 1995 with the stamp and 6 chairs and a bench, bed and blanket stand that goes at the end of the bed. The retailer said he was Amish so I guess this just adds to the mystery?? I worked in the US for a couple of years and now the furniture resides in my house in the UK. All the best. Adam

  10. We have a table that has "Walter of Wabash Jamestown Tennessee" stamped in red ink on the slide portion where the insert goes. It has been in my family for at least 40-45 years. Can't seem to find much info on Walter though. :)

  11. My dining table (top only, recovered from an apartment dumpster and restored/refinished, is a great 'Danish Modern' /Mid-Century, manufactured to accept leaves, the dimensions w/o leaves are: 44-1/2" W x 66" long and beautiful wood veneer strips that are not Oak or Maple - not exactly sure what the wood is, but classic Dan-Mod look with beautiful grain and glow. On the underside, stamped on one of the rails is "Walters of Wabash #4" . On the underside of the table itself, in what is probably a production stencil is "6050 Dining Table."

    I have been using it as a coffee table, but it is really too large, and I was thinking about cutting it down to the appropriate size, perhaps 30" W x 48" L, but wanted to look into it a little bit on-line first to make sure I wouldn't be committing sacrilege - so far I think I have one of the nicest examples, and with the leaves in I'll bet this table was huge.

  12. I have a Walter Wabash dining table and chairs I would like to sell, can you give estimated value?

  13. I have that exact Walter of Wabash oval (including the leaf) oak table and I want to refinish it. It has the original finish. Do you know what the original finish is? Shellac or lacquer perhaps. Thanks. Tom Gaman pmuricata@gmail.com

  14. Hi I have a Walter of Wabash extendable table that looks like a cabinet but pulls out and then you take the leaves from underneath in the cabinets and put them on top I was wondering if you know of value because I can't find anything except one brand new one not a Walter at wayfair.com you can email me at justinthomas380@yahoo.com thank u