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Sunday, June 14, 2009

More repairs on the walnut bed

Before getting to the repair work I thought I would share some more information about the bed.
In addition to the walnut bed, there is a secretary desk with bookcase that goes with it. The secretary deck will be worked on after the bed. The desk shares the same design elements and woods as the bed. the reason I am mentioning this now is that when removing the hardware from the desk I found on the backside of one of the drawer pulls a date. The pulls are constructed of the same compressed paper that was used on the grape and vine motif on the bed. the pulls are also of grape bunches. The date appears to be a stamp in an oval. It looks like the stamp also had a manufacturer name but that has been obscured. I checked the other pulls and several of them also had oval stamps on the back, but none could be read. the Date on the back of the handle either reads 1870 or 1876. In either case, these dates put the bed firmly in the Renaissance Revival period. Below is a photo of the stamp:

Here is a collection of photos of some repair work that I have done:
Attaching loose molding to a side rail.
Wedging a gap in the headboard.The same wedge after it was carved down.Gluing loose joinery on the foot board.
This is a picture of replacement hardware for the bed. The replacement did not fit very well so they nailed the bottom in place so that it wouldn't move. After removing the nails I wedged the gaps beside the hardware to keep it in place. This is structurally more sound as well as looking more attractive. After the glue dried I carved the wedges down so they were flush with the rest of the wood.

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