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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Walnut and Poplar End Table (Ca. 1930)

A Challenge! I received an end table made of Poplar with a Walnut book matched veneer top. The table was in pretty rough condition. The entire piece had been painted with pink paint and also had been used as a plant stand and as a result, the veneer had buckled from water damage. below are some pictures of the repairs and the beginning of the finishing process. I will post some photos of the completed piece when I am finished.

Below is a photo of the table as it came to me.This photo details the water damage to the veneer. I found that the joinery was entirely loose so I decided to dismantle the piece to remove the paint. this made the job a little easier. Below is a photo of the individual pieces once the paint was removed.The next two photos show the damage to the table top. Not only had the veneer loosened, but the top, which was made up of different plys, had delaminated.
Here is a photo of the top being glued. I chose to glue the veneer and the plys at the same time.With all of that loose veneer, there was only one place where the veneer was missing. below is are some photos of the veneer patch being cut and glued in place.The wood cut out to receive the patch.The patch being glued in place.This photo shows the base being glued.This last photo shows the table after the base had been stained. While the stain was drying I decided to coat the top. the base will match the top in color once the finish is applied.

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