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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anthony Buzak Mahogany End Table (ca. 2000)

Sometimes accidents even happen to a brand new piece of furniture. The table I recently completed was made circa 2000 by Anthony Buzak of Tonawanda, NY. Mr. Buzak builds tables of many shapes and sizes and has been in business as a professional woodworker since 1990. To view his work including this table, Click on the link below to his website:


The legs and apron of the end table I worked on are made of Mahogany. The top has a veneer of quilted Mahogany with an inlayed band of Ebony and Mahogany molding around the edges. The legs of the table have an elegant sweep outwards and the Quilted veneer on the top is dazzling.

Below are two photos of the table as it came to me.

Here is the artists stamp on the underside of the table.
The reason that I had this table to work on was that the table had accidentally been used as a bedside table and sweating water glasses severely damaged the finish on the top. here is a photo of the top with the water damage.
To remedy this, I removed the finish from the top and refinished it with shellac. The natural color of the wood was beautiful, so no stain was used. I also cleaned the base and gave it a couple of coats of shellac to bring it out. Afterwards, the entire table was coated with paste wax to help protect the finish. Below are several photos of the completed table.

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