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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hitchcock Style High Chair (ca.1970)

Another piece I have recently restored is a Hitchcock style high chair. I figure it was made around 1970, but it could be older or younger. The chair was in pretty good shape, except that the finish had deteriorated. The black painted areas and the stenciling were in good enough condition to restore, so I selectively masked off the wood areas and removed the finish from these sections only. I then sanded and stained those areas and applied shellac to those areas. After the finish was built up a little, I started to coat the entire chair. The worn areas on the black surfaces were touched up and the chair was eventually waxed. The beauty of using a shellac finish on this piece is that it is a child friendly finish and now the high chair is ready to use!

Below are photos of the entire restoration process.

Here are a few photos of the chair as it came to me.

The next few photos show the chair after the natural wood areas has been stripped and sanded.

These next few photos show the same sections after they were stained.

These last few photos show the finished product.


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