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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Modern Walnut Dresser (ca.1960) part 2

This is the second post concerning the Walnut dresser I have been working on. Here is a link to the first post:

After all of the repairs were made to the dresser, the next thing to do was to sand out all of the scratches and make any cosmetic repairs. Luckily, none of the scratches on the top were deep enough to cut through the veneer and they were all removed during the sanding process. Below is a photo of the dresser after it had been sanded and ready for staining.

This photo shows the top after the scratches were removed.
The customer had expressed a change in hardware from brass to a silver color. Luckily, the existing hardware was coated with a brass coloring that was removed through buffing. The result was a cleaned and polished aluminum hardware. Below is a photo of two handles. The one on the left has been cleaned.
This next photo shows the appliques for the feet before and after cleaning. the one on the bottom has been cleaned.
The only other piece of hardware to be dealt with was the brass stringing between the long drawers. This turned out to be made of plastic, and therefore could not be cleaned. Luckily, I was able to find the same material in a silver color.

The last step after staining the piece was to apply the finish. Below is a photo of me applying the finish.
Here is a photo of the piece during the finishing process. The color of the piece after staining was matched to a sample provided by the customer.
The last four photos show the completed restoration of the dresser.

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