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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Quarter Sawn Oak Flemish Style Cupboard (ca. 1880)

I received a Quartersawn Oak Flemish Cabinet or Cupboard that was in need of several different repairs. Overall, The finish was in fine condition and just in need of a waxing. The exception to this was that the serving surface had been deeply scratched by attaching the top section of the piece. Luckily, I was able to retain the original finish and repair the damage with French Polish.
The piece is styled after the old Flemish cupboards of the 16th and 17th century. This piece was made in Europe, however due to the construction methods and use of screws I would put the piece at around 1880. It could be older or younger.
As I mentioned before, the piece was in need of several different repairs. Molding was missing. As were the shelves and shelf supports for the top section. Also, there was damage to the back of the top section. A large patch was visible where someone had cut a large hole (presumably for a stereo to be put in. While the patch was good(but loose) It was my task to make it disappear.

Below are photos of the various repairs made.
Here I am gluing the loose patch in the back of the cabinet. I had to clamp it from behind as well as in front to force the two parts together. After this I sanded the patch so that it was flush with the back.In this photo I am attaching veneer over the entire back panel to cover the patch. Because the patch was sanded flush, It will not show through the veneer.The Veneer after it was glued and stained. because of the size of the veneer, I had to also attach a cross piece like the ones on the interior sides of the cabinet.The shelves were 10 inches wide and were made up of two different pieces for each shelf.
This is a picture of the shelves being glued up.
The shelves fit into place with shelf supports also fit into place.The selves and shelf supports stained to match the interior of the cabinet.Here is a photo of the molding carving being recreated. You can see the original on the left hand side.

The molding was made in two sections and then glued together.

The molding fitted in place.Gluing the molding and two drop finials in place.Gluing the crown molding in place with new blocking.

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