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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Completed Victorian Expanding Dining Room Table

Below are a series of photos showing the refinishing of the Victorian "crank" table. The first photo shows the table completed with the leaf in and the crank handle visible in the apron.After the finish had been removed the top of the table had to be vigorously sanded with sandpaper ranging from 80 grit to 320 grit. The photo below shows the section on the right sanded, after the sanding is completed the table is stained to bring back the color.This photo is of a patch on the underside of the leaf. One of the pins had broken through the underside of the leaf, so a patch was necessary.After repairs were made and the table was completely sanded by hand, the table was stained to match the darkest section of the table, in this case the Mahogany legs.The leaf stained with one coat of finish.The finish process requires several coats with abrasion using fine steel wool between coats. Each coat give the table a bit more sheen and fills the pores.The leaf and table several coats later in the finishing process.
The last few photos are of the table completed. The first photo has the leaf out and the rest show the table with the leaf in place.


  1. From the owner of the table: Well done you!

  2. Small world. I know exactly where another one of these tables is located. I restored the table a few years ago. Beautiful mahogany.

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