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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mahogany Drop Leaf Stand (ca. 1950)

I received a one drawer Mahogany drop leaf stand from a customer recently. The piece is factory produces and of laminated construction. A rough estimate on age would place it around 1950, but it could go 20 years or so in either direction.
The piece came to me with loose joinery, a sticky drawer, and a broken foot. In addition, the finish on the piece had a thick stain which barely allowed the grain of the Mahogany veneer to be seen. The customer and I agreed to remove finish and replace it with a French polish. Below are some photos of the initial phases of the project.

The piece as it came to me.In this photo you can see the finish being removed. Note how the stain is coming off with the finish. This is because the stain is mixed in with the finish when these pieces are finished. the idea behind this is that the finish and stain will allow the grain to come through slightly while hiding defects and variation in color. When this piece is refinished, it will be stained selectively with an Aniline dye stain which penetrates the wood while remaining transparent allowing the grain to be seen clearly. The stand with the finish removed and partially disassembled for gluing. The blue tape seen on the top and leaves is protecting the leather from stripper and finishing.The interior drawer runner being glued in place after the old glue had been removed.Here is a photo of the stand being glued up.This is a close up photo of the broken leg being glued. it will later get bridging patches on either side for added stability.

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