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Friday, November 20, 2009

Repairing A Victorian Cane Seat Chair

I received a Victorian chair with a cane seat that was in need of repair.In addition to needing to be glued and having the finish restored, the seat frame where the cane attaches was damaged. Below are photos of the restoration of this chair.
The Chair as it came to me.Once the old cane was removed, the broken section was visible. An entire section of the seat frame needed to be patched.This is a photo of the old wood being cut away using a scroll saw so that a patch could be glued in place.The old wood being cut away.The old wood removed leaving space for the patch.The patch being glued in place.The new patch (seen in the top of the photo with holes drilled for cane and stained to match the old wood.)The chair after cleaning with mineral spirits.( the mineral spirits separate the wax and dirt from the finish and turn white. Once it has dried this comes off with steel wool.)The chair cleaned up and ready to be caned.A close up of the back shows the tiger striping in the wood. this was barely visible before being cleaned.The chair at home again with it's new seat in place

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