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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Turned cups for adjusting table height

Below are several photos of cups I turned to adjust the height of the Victorian table I have been working on. The table has a height of 28.5" which is a little low. By using the cups underneath of the casters, The table can have a height of 29.5" which not only brings the table to a more comfortable height, but also allows more leg room underneath.

This first photo shows the piece of Honduran Mahogany used for the four turning blanks. It isn't very clear in the photo, but the centers for the blanks are marked and the diameter of the blanks is drawn out. After the blanks were roughed out using a band saw, they are mounted on the lathe individually and turned true. the next two photos show this process.
Next the outside of the cup is turned. The inspiration for the shape of the cups came from a section of the leg on the table. I measured the shape of the leg and repeated the pattern in the cups.After the outside is turned the interior is hollowed out to the appropriate depth.The last step in the turning process is to sand the finished turning.The four cups ready for staining.The cups stained to match the color of the legs.The cups during the finishing process.The cups completed with felt on the bottoms to protect the floor from scratches.One of the cups in use under a table leg. The nice thing about these are that the table has not been altered. The cups can be used or removed at any time.

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